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Profile Nigel L Henri

    Acrylic Paintings


Acrylic Paintings, Nigel L Henri (Mahé, Seychelles)

Nigel L Henri

Nigel Henri was born 1967. He did his schooling in Seychelles and his degree in art and graphic design at the University of Sussex, UK. After graduating with honors, he briefly thought graphic design at the Seychelles National College of the Arts and worked subsequently as a graphic designer in the Seychelles Ministry of Culture and Information.

In 1999, he formed Nigel’s Design Consultancy, which he has been running successfully since.

Since his early school days, Nigel enjoys painting and the development of a unique style has earned him a place in private art collections all over the world.

Over the years, Nigel participated in numerous art shows, both in Seychelles and internationally. His most recent achievement has been to represent the Seychelles in the Berlin Peace Manifestation which saw the participation of 184 top artists from all corners of the world. His “Buddy Bear” painted in Seychelles colours can be viewed under the Brandenburger Gate in the centre of Berlin.

Nigel is recognized as one of the pillars of the Seychelles art community. He is the founder of the Association for Visual Arts (AVA) and co-founder of CENAC, which are both NGO’S set to promote art in Seychelles.

Nigel’s work can be viewed at his Studio at Beau Vallon and in the Seychelles International Airport arrival lounge.

Address: Beau Vallon, Mahé, Seychelles

      EXHIBITIONS (1996 – 2002)

      Alliance Francaise des Seychelles - 2002 (collective)

      Germany – 2001 (Buddy Bear peace manifesto)

      Alliance Francaise des Seychelles – 2001 (collective)

      Festival Kreol – 2001 (collective)

      Seychelles National Art Gallery – 2001

      SUBIOS – 2001 (collective)

      Luxembourg – 2001 (solo)

      Czech Repuplic – 2000 (solo)

      Seychelles National Art Gallery – 2000

      Germany – 2000 (collective)

      Seychelles National Art Gallery – 1999

      Indonesia – 1999 (collective)

      Paris – 1999 (collective)

      SUBIOS – 1999 (solo)

      Germany – 1999 (solo)

      India – 1998 (India trennale)

      SUBIOS – 1998 (collective-solo)

      Biennial des Seychelles – 1998

      Seychelles National Art Gallery – 1997

      Biennial des Seychelles – 1996