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Profile Gerard Devoud


Artist Gerard Devoud (Mahé, Seychelles)


Gerard Devoud

He has exhibited his silk screen prints in France, Switzerland, England, Italy, Germany, Belgium, USA, India, Mauritius, Japan and lately in Jersey. Gerard’s largest exhibition was in Seychelles in 1988 when he exhibited a grand total of 72 paintings. He does sell his originals, but the silk-screen lithographs are much more affordable.

By exhibiting his paintings internationally at least once a year, Gerard helps to promote both his work and Seychelles overseas.

The artist says that Seychelles is the one place in the world where he finds the inspiration for his brightly coloured paintings, depicting the beauty of the Seychelles countryside with its lush vegetation, quaint traditional houses and magnificent seascapes. His favorite place of all is the Vallée de Maie, in Praslin.

He currently runs two art galleries, one at Les Mamelles, where his studio is also situated. The  other is located opposite the entrance of the Plantation Club Resort & Casino at Baie Lazare where he displays and sells his wide collection of paintings and silk screen prints. He issues certificates of authenticity with all his paintings.

During the Miss World competition, 1997, several contestants and other distinguished personalities visited Gerard’s gallery and bought several silk-screen prints from this well-known artist.


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